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Date: 7 Dec 2019, 4.05pm
“I took a photo of my shaven armpits. As a cisgendered male, I feel very pressured to keep them unshaven even though I feel a lot better shaving them. When I was still in National Service, I got a lot of stick for being ‘姑娘‘ (gu niang) for doing what is considered a conventionally feminine act, and I think I didn’t get more stick only because I otherwise presented myself in a heteronormative manner. I wish I could just be what I feel like being without making everything political or ascribed with a meaning.”

T:>Works Team

Artistic Director: Ong Keng Sen
Executive Director: Traslin Ong
Administration: Ong Soo Mei

Communications & Engagement: Chong Si-Min

Interns: Chimene Khoo, Danielle Koh,

Gaiatri Sasithara, Irish Alcantara,

Jeffrey Kang, Sai Lalitha Aiyer &

Toh Cheng Yee

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