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The act of documenting your own body for yourself is a reclamation of your traumas and triumphs, marked by your moles, scars and other parts that are distinctively yours. While taking nudes is highly sexualised and sending them through the digital sphere has become normalised, this work is about slowing down, spending time with yourself and creating shared intimacies between bodies.


We invite you to strip off the layers, undress yourself and feel empowered by your agency to see yourself as who you are. Follow these set of instructions and be unburdened by your body. In this moment, you decide how you see yourself. Look deep inside and find what  makes you who you are. Reclaim your body, for it is truly yours.


Before we begin, here are some things you will need:

  • A private space you feel comfortable to be alone in. 

  • Enough light available for the photograph to be taken.

  • A device with a camera (i.e. smartphone), with a self-timer countdown function.

  • Time. Avoid rushing; take as long as you need. 

  • Yourself.

Step 1: Make yourself comfortable.

Have a seat. Look at yourself. Take a moment to connect with your body. 


Step 2: What would you like to share?

Is there a part of your body you have been repeatedly told to cover up, or marks which you carry as secrets? We invite you to break away from the discomforts and shame of your body. You can reveal as much or as little of your skin as you desire. 


Step 3: How do you see yourself?

Feel free to move your body closer or farther from the camera to frame your body. 

Change angles - twist, bend, stretch - to see and feel different perspectives of your body. 

You can use a chair, the floor or the wall to assist how you position yourself.  

When you are ready, set the timer and take your photo. Photographing your body may be a little difficult at first. Take the time to be with yourself and uncover the hidden parts of you.


To contribute

Your photo and story will be a part of the nudes.jpg digital exhibition. Please proceed only if you are in agreement with this. Click here to be part of our community.

T:>Works Team

Artistic Director: Ong Keng Sen
Executive Director: Traslin Ong
Administration: Ong Soo Mei

Communications & Engagement: Chong Si-Min

Interns: Chimene Khoo, Danielle Koh,

Gaiatri Sasithara, Irish Alcantara,

Jeffrey Kang, Sai Lalitha Aiyer &

Toh Cheng Yee

With support from


Presented by

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