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nudes.jpg is a third iteration from the red thread series by ila and Sonia Kwek. We are inviting you to get intimate with yourself in your private space: undress, photograph yourself and share a story associated with your body. Be part of a virtual exhibition showcasing a growing archive of bodies and their personal and collective narratives.

About Red Thread:

The Red Thread series aims to recognise our bodies and stories that are usually made invisible. Red Thread was initially conceived as a public space intervention responding to the @rebeldaughters call on Instagram "to fill up the public sphere, physical and virtual, withworks of art done by female creatives from or based in the region" for International Women'sDay, 2018. A series of photographs featuring nude bodies that attempts to shift the gaze in the public space, were put up anonymously along Desker Road and Rowell Road. 


In 2019, Red Thread was supported by The Substation’s SAD Bar Open Call as part of their programme

‘A Public Square’. For this second iteration, the work unfolded in three acts:
(i) Installation: A pop-up photo booth was set up on Armenian Street for a period of two weeks. Members of the public were invited to photograph a part of their body and/or write about a body part/body memory that they would not publicly reveal. 

(ii) Exhibition: With the generous permission of all participants, the photographs and stories collected through the booth were showcased in an exhibition at SAD Bar over one weekend, Everything displayed was kept anonymous.

(iii) Sharing: Closed-door sessions were held over two nights of the exhibition, open to all but by registration. We came together to share and engage with our body stories, to reconsider our relationships with our bodies, nakedness/nudity, etc. All who participated in the booth were invited back to join us and share their experience if they wished.

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Advisory / Content Warning: Mature Content 

Some of the images and narratives may cause discomfort, proceed with care and respect

Click on the images to find out more about their stories