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Date: 28 Nov 2019, 6.55pm
“If I had not waxed, I might have taken a picture of my body hair. Hormonal levels being “abnormal” means that parts of my body feel strange.. My disproportionately big belly is no doubt another result of hormonal imbalance, along with excessive hair growth.. Physical symptoms to accompany other nonphysical ones like my low, depressive moods…”

T:>Works Team

Artistic Director: Ong Keng Sen
Executive Director: Traslin Ong
Administration: Ong Soo Mei

Communications & Engagement: Chong Si-Min

Interns: Chimene Khoo, Danielle Koh,

Gaiatri Sasithara, Irish Alcantara,

Jeffrey Kang, Sai Lalitha Aiyer &

Toh Cheng Yee

With support from


Presented by

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