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Yvonne Teo

Collaborator, Not Grey: Intimacy, Ageing & Being

Yvonne was a pre-school educator during her children's growing up years. She decided on a mid-life career switch to pursue her passion for food and went back to school at Sunrice Global Chef Academy to get her Diploma in Bakery and Pastry Arts. After interning at TWG Tea production kitchen, she worked in F&B in Singapore and later as a pastry chef in Bangkok.

Now retired, Yvonne enjoys hiking, which she picked up in July 2018. She's completely hooked onto the sport having completed unprecedented hikes of 30-50km. Hiking calms her mind and body while privileging her to the sights and sounds of nature. She has learnt to navigate muddy, slippery dirt, hidden obstacles and wild animals crossing her path. Yvonne hopes to continue this form of exercise as long as she can.

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