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Vithya Subramaniam

Creator, Thamizhachi: A Digital Museum &
Writer-Performer, Rasanai: Invitation to Appreciate

Vithya is presently, like a good Indian kid, trying to be a ‘doctor’—she’s a DPhil Anthropology student at the University of Oxford. She is expanding her interests in memory and materialities in her doctoral project on the work of objects in the experience and expression of 'Indian-ness' in Singapore. Vithya thinks of the ethnological method and her artistic practice as much the same: both “​make the strange familiar and the familiar strange” (Horace Miner, 1956)​. She is co-facilitator of the Migrant Workers Community Museum (2020); the playwright behind “Sikhs of Serangoon” (2016) and “Coffee Maker” (2019); co-founder of Sikh Heritage Trail; founding member of Brown Voices; and occasional essayist.

Across her work, Vithya seeks to think with the more-than-human, the hidden/silenced archives, and the knowledges our bodies carry.

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