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Suhaili Safari

Performer, (un)becoming

Suhaili is an artist both in theatre and music. Since 2005, she engages herself in various theatre productions both locally and overseas, such as “Inside Voices” (2019, Lazy Native) which won Best Outstanding Work at the annual Vaults Festival in London. Although Suhaili occasionally crosses her work into television and voice work, her greatest passion is to advocate for minority voices, which includes her most recent production with Drama Box, “Tanah°Air” (2019).

Suhaili also involves herself in acoustic folk, neo-soul gigs and various music collaborations from “Sounding Now’s Open Spaces” at YST Conservatory (2019), The Observatory’s “Playfreely” sessions, in particular, “No Man’s Land”, an all-women music improvisation (2017) and most recently SAtheCollective’s “ThirdSpace Sessions – Voce” (2020).

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