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Salty Xi Jie Ng

Concept & Direction, Not Grey: Intimacy, Ageing & Being

Salty co-creates semi-fictional paradigms for the real and imagined lives of humans within the poetics of the intimate vernacular. Her practice manifests with humour, care, subversion, discomfort, a celebration of the eccentric, and a commitment to the deeply personal. With a longstanding interest in the gerontological universe, she founded “The Grandma Reporter”, a collaborative publication on senior women’s culture around the earth. She has made a feature film on busking, co-created the world’s first prison variety show, ran an alternative economy art space in a Singaporean mall, and facilitated the Senior Women’s Erotica Club.

Salty is currently artist-in-residence at the Singapore Art Museum exploring ancestor worship and ritual, as well as the editor of Conversations On Everything, a Portland (Oregon, USA) publication on social forms of art. Visit

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