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Mumtaz Maricar

Performer, Rasanai: Invitation to Appreciate

Mumtaz is a Theatre Practitioner, Visual Artist and Art Director interested in creating and partaking in works about the body as a site of transgression, negotiation, rebellion and potential revelation. A performer who wears many hats, she has 36 years of experience in various fields such as acting, singing, dancing and management. As a member of the writing collective Brown Voices, Mumtaz wants to bring ethnocentric themes that are potentially unknown outside of the various Indian communities, to all theatre audiences.

As an actor, Mumtaz worked in plays such as “Goddesses of Words - Touch me Not” (2019) & “Angry Indian Women” (2020), “Vel! Vel!” (2021) for The Arts House; “Well of Silence” (2019) for T:>works and “Shakunthala” (2020) & “Amma’ s Sarees” (2021) for Esplanade’s Raga and PLAYtime respectively. She especially enjoys working in productions that involve lots of collaboration, workshopping and pushing emotional and physical boundaries. Mumtaz loves being on stage and every production is another chance to be grateful for her to be part of this beautiful artform!

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