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Johanna Pan

Scenic & Costume Designer, (un)becoming

Johanna (she/they) is a Costume and Scenic designer for Theatre, Film, Dance and Opera, a textile and visual artist, a teacher of art and costume design from Kindergarten to University, host and co-producer of the podcast “Dirty Laundry: Unpacking the Costume Closet”. They first discovered theatrical design while competing in the creative thinking competition Odyssey of the Mind and has never looked back. Johanna’s artistic practice is centred around decolonizing the imagination, breaking down the notions of feminized labour, and anti-racism.

Johanna continues to harbour hope for a more sustainable humankind in the face of adversity and dreams of a future filled with equity, inclusion and diversity. MFA NYU/TISCH, BFA Ithaca College, @jpandesign

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