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Grace Kalaiselvi

Director and Writer, Rasanai: Invitation to Appreciate

Grace, an Intercultural Theatre Institute graduate, is a freelance theatre practitioner and educator. Her works include “Amma’s Sarees” for The Esplanade’s PLAYtime, “Angry Indian Woman-The Trial” (Singapore Writer’s Festival), “Angry Indian Women” (Textures) & “Touch Me Not”, part of Goddesses of Words series with The Arts House, “Crocodiles in Kurtas and The Old Fogies” for The Esplanade’s OctoBurst and her own “Mother I” series. Acting works include “a line could be crossed…” & “Precise Purpose of Being Broken” (M1 Singapore Fringe Festival), “Four Horse Road” (The Theatre Practice), “Ms British” (Esplanade’s Studio Series), and “0600” (SIFA). She has also directed “Three Fat Virgins Unassembled” (T:>Works, N.O.W. 2021) & “The Good Farmer” for T:>Works.

Grace initiated and is a member of Brown Voices, a playwriting collective. Grace hopes to create more works representing the suppressed and minorities.

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