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Catherine Ho

Assistant Stage Manager, (un)becoming

Catherine graduated from the Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI, formerly known as TTRP) in 2016. She is focused on devising original works primarily as a bilingual theatre practitioner. She was last seen in Pathay Nimidam 2020’s Athey Athey and River Hongbao 2021’s Bring On The Bull. She has also directed a laboratory piece under Pink Gajah’s Magic Lab, Alter Egos and then helmed the actor’s training wing for the following cycle of the lab.

Catherine brought her solo, “Recurrence” to Bangkok Theatre Festival 2018 and was nominated for “Best Performance by International Artist”. She is now incubating her work, “Because I’m Me!”, at The Artground, under the initiative “GroundBreakers”. Catherine believes strongly in using theatre to engage and provoke people’s minds.

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