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A Yagnya

Dramaturg, (un)becoming

Yagnya is a collaborative theatre maker and Japanese translator. Yagnya’s playwriting credits include “Between 5 Cows and the Deep Blue Sea...” (read at Esplanade’s Raga 2020), “The Oven Story” அவன் கதை (3Pumpkins, 2020), “Hi, Can You Hear Me?” (Playwrights’ Cove 2020), and “subTITLED 1.0” (Bridging the Gap Collective, 2021). She has also co-written for GroundZ_0’s “Prism of Truth” (Huayi 2020), interpreted for ITI’s Noh Theatre Module, and acted in “Goddesses of Words: Angry Indian Women” (Textures 2020).

Yagnya wants to create socially conscious works that challenge her audience into breaking out of echo chambers. (un)becoming will be popping her dramaturge cherry. @iggyeggieggyagnya

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