The 'F' Word

13, 21 & 28 July | 7.30pm

The “F” in the title is all about the most dreaded word in our vocabulary – FEAR. It manifests in procrastination, losing self-esteem, feeling stuck, overwhelmed or out of control. But fear need not always be an enemy. The ‘F’ Word is a series of talks held over three different nights, with three different hosts and their special guests. With one central mission: to get fear out of our minds. To stare squarely in its face. If not to squash it, at least to embrace it. Each talk unpacks the different perspectives and dispels myths through science, psychology as well as personal experiences of how real, and, necessary fear is. Do we need to challenge or befriend it? Negotiate or overcome? Control or let it sit quietly by our sides?

13 July, hosted by Noorlinah Mohamed with guests - Know Fear
21 July, hosted by Janice Lee with guests – Get Intimate with Fear
28 July, hosted by Corinne Ng with guests – Fear Not

Streamed on FB Live with QnA

Credits: Hosted and moderated by Noorlinah Mohamed, Janice Lee & Corinne Ng