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Thamizhachi: A Digital Museum of Tamil Women Under Construction

Available as Digital Exhibition
(3 June onwards)

She is here. She will be seen, heard, and remembered.

This digital museum, created by Vithya Subramaniam from Brown Voices, makes plainly visible the Singaporean Tamil women in the everyday objects of life in Singapore. Where her person has been overlooked and her representation tokenised, this museum’s collection lays out the varied, nuanced, real ways of being a Singaporean Tamil woman.

Yet, both the museum and the identity at its centre will remain perpetually ‘under construction’. The initial collection on display was gathered through workshops with Singaporean Tamil women.

Visitors are invited to engage, add to, and challenge the collection, and the ‘construction’ of a thamizhachi, a Singaporean Tamil woman.

Project Support by Sai Lalitha Aiyer

Brown Voices is a collective of Indian theatre practitioners, initiated by Grace Kalaiselvi. The collective's purpose and vision is to generate and encourage narratives expressing the perspectives, concerns, and aspirations of Singaporean Indians. For N.O.W. 2021, Brown Voices presents two interconnected projects - Thamizhachi: The Digital Museum of Tamil Women Under Construction and Rasanai: An Invitation to Appreciate. The latter is a livestreamed digital performance happening on 24 July.

Credits: Created by Vithya Subramaniam of Brown Voices

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