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Cabaret Joy

29 - 31 July | 9.30pm till late

Rating: M18

We see your homonormative oppression and we raise you…JOY

In homage to the cabaret as a space of beauty, entertainment, collision and just a delicious lick of danger, Cabaret Joy is a series of nights peopled with stars of queer performance, videos and art. They’ve been performing in clubs, and galleries, at conferences, on Instagram and are presented at N.O.W. in an event that is all digital.

The meek might inherit the earth, but the fabulous will take over the internet.

Hosted by Deonn Yang (N.O.W. 2019 alumnae) and Becca D’Bus (is she a woman? does it matter anymore?), and featuring all the joyous things, from stand-up to drag and poetry to burlesque, and an extended serving of very specific filth.

Marie Kondo, eat your heart out. We be over here setting joy on fire!


Co-created by Becca D’Bus & Deonn Yang
Featuring Deonn Yang, Stephanie Chan, Lychee Bye, Jean Seizure, ElNina, Dahlia Rose, Marylyn Tan & many more artists

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