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24-Hour Playwriting Competition

17 - 18 July | 11am - 11am (24hrs)

The annual 24-Hour Playwriting Competition invites you to be part of its second digital edition. In a time where large gatherings are still limited, and the spirit to create is undaunted, we invite you to join us. STAY AWAKE and WRITE in the comfort of your personal space. Type up a storm and explore exciting ways to utilise your personal space as a site-specific stimulus for your wildest imaginings. This year we have an added treat to make virtual gatherings at communal meal times delightful!

During selected intervals throughout the 24-hour process, our judges - Jean Tay, Zizi Majid and Sim Yan Ying "YY" as well as N.O.W. Artistic Director Noorlinah Mohamed - will be on hand as artist-facilitators. Chat with them, brainstorm ideas or seek advice - they'll be there for you.

Youth Category (15 – 18 yrs)
Open Category (19 yrs and above)

Zoom & Telegram

Prizes (for both categories):
First Prize: S$350
Second Prize: S$250
Third Prize: S$150

Project Team: Gaiatri Sasitharan & Sai Lalitha Aiyer
Enquiries: [] or []

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