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14 - 15 July | 7:30pm

16 - 17 July | 7:30pm, 10:30pm

Rating: NC16

A millennial mother and her Gen Z daughter grapple with their disintegrating relationship. A doula finds herself trapped in a cycle she can’t seem to break. A little girl walks alone. In between, stories of women across time, space, and reality emerge from Kinder Eggs. What does it mean to mother? Or to be a daughter? And from what perspectives can we understand this bond between them?

(un)becoming explores the complex dynamics of mother-daughter relationships in Singapore today, through an online experience combining live performance, short films, and digital snooping. Created by Sim Yan Ying “YY” and Nabilah Said, and devised in collaboration with the (un)becoming team, this show attempts to uncover what women inherit from their mothers and what they pass down––for better or for worse.


Co-created by Sim Yan Ying "YY" & Nabilah Said
Devised and Performed by Arielle Jasmine Van Zuijlen, Chanel Ariel Chan, Isabella Chiam, Suhaili Safari
Dramaturgs – A Yagnya & Cheng Nien Yuan
Scenic and Costume Design – Johanna Pan
Multimedia Design – Jevon Chandra
Sound Design – Tini Aliman
Stage Manager – Shivani Rajan
Assistant Stage Manager & Transcriber - Catherine Ho
Filming and Editing – Chimene Khoo
Publicity Design – See Yongxin

Credits: Co-created by Sim Yan Ying "YY" & Nabilah Said. Performed by Arielle Jasmine Van Zuijlen, Chantel Chan, Isabelle Chiam, Suhaili Safari. Dramaturgs – A Yagnya, Cheng Nien Yuan. Set and Costume Design – Johanna Pan. Multimedia Design – Jevon Chandra. Sound Design ¬– Tini Aliman. Stage Manager – Shivani Rajan.

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