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Nargis Banu / நர்கிஸ் பானு


Fashion Designer / ஆடை வடிவமைப்பாளர்

Nargis is a Thamizhachi who lives by Bharathiyar’s quote ‘Pray - give me strength to live for the betterment of this world’. She has acted as Lady Macbeth in The Tamil literary stage drama Macbeth and also as the sole actor in the play Talaq. Even if she spends time with three grandchildren, she thinks about doing something new and useful. She runs an online business called Nizzy Fashion by Nargis as a fashion designer to beautify others.

T:>Works Team

Artistic Director: Ong Keng Sen
Executive Director: Traslin Ong
Administration: Ong Soo Mei

Communications & Engagement: Chong Si-Min

Interns: Chimene Khoo, Danielle Koh,

Gaiatri Sasithara, Irish Alcantara,

Jeffrey Kang, Sai Lalitha Aiyer &

Toh Cheng Yee

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