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Date: 1 Dec 2019, 6.37pm

“I’ve always hated my too-long neck with its untimely wrinkles and my crooked gravestone teeth. But the striations are kind of kinky and I do love a good choking. The teeth, I can’t afford braces or the self-discipline to maintain them. So we’ll just work with these. Do they adorn character?”


Date: 8 Nov 2019, 7.47pm

“I have cleft lip & that is one of my biggest insecurity growing up as a girl. But with makeup - it makes me feel so much more comfortable <3 xoxo”


Date: 8 Dec 2019, 5.12pm

“I am very shy of my teeth, I only reveal them in full glory when I visit the dentist. I always pray before I go to the dentist, it is often a painful experience and I will always feel guilty for not taking better care of my teeth. I love to smile but I feel my teeth are so crooked and uneven. They look like monsters close up.”


Date: 30 Nov 2019, 4.07pm

“When I was 18, a teacher told me I had  a nice back, & I believed him. It has been a few years, but sometimes, I still feel his fingers on my back. But we were /nothing/. I don’t like how my body remembers.
I self-harm. I usually cut but with my back, I do moves on the hoop (I learn aerial) that I know will cause burns - that will scar. I want my body to hurt, to be marked, but still I hide.
I should love my back - it is hypermobile, incredibly flexible but I hate the rolls, as if my stomach rolls aren’t enough.”


Date: 9 Dec 2019, 3.32pm

“This is an act of defiance. A reclamation of self - An attempt at moving forward, inch by inch. This is a “fuck you” to all that you said. But also a I love you, and a thank you and a I miss you and a “I hope you’re happy”. A “I hope I’m happy”. This is the back you once said you would love to paint, the back which you turned yours to, and the one you broke. The one that suddenly had to bear the weight of all the heavy, dark emotions, ones that I never want to feel. But also  the back of one that looks at the strong, beautiful women around her and prays she grows a backbone of her own, just like theirs. The thing that hurts about love isn’t the hurt itself, but the knowing that someone CHOSE to hurt you. And the choice that you just have to keep t(h)reading. FORWARD. - in. love.”


“learning to let you just be.
be free.
be yourself.”


Date: 2 Dec 2019, 4.37pm

“I've been told to cover up since I was 13 and my breasts were a double D. I am only comfortable leaving home in “non” revealing clothes. I ‘can’t’ wear tank tops. And have been told by exes that I looked obscene when I was just wearing a tank top.”


Date: 7 Dec 2019, 2.54pm

“i’ve always struggled with having small breasts that i felt were never “beautiful” enough, i’ve always envied other girls & their bustiness as i felt they were more desirable; but as of date i’ve learnt to love my small titties no matter how small they are. <3”


Date: 3 Dec 2019, 6.40pm

“Two Body Parts that affect me the most is my Chest and Love Handles. They have no relation, but my love handles remind me of when I was 100kg and a Female, I hate that part about myself. I am very proud of my chest, cause it signifies how that I am a man. However I have friends that are uncomfortable with me being topless and ask me to cover up. The dents in my chest, reminds me at how far I’ve come. To who I am now. A self made Man.”


“I love picking at my psoriasis and leaving parts of myself in places even though it is gross and basically littering. I should probably stop but I think having a skin condition as part of my body is also perfectly okay because I can still live my life.”


Date: 6 Dec 2019, 5.48pm
“My skin has always been an insecurity of mine. I have a condition called Keratosis Pilaris whereby my skin has red bumps that are often just trapped hair follicles. This causes my skin to be really rough & it’s almost certain that people who touch my skin will be disgusted / weirded out by the texture to the point where it hurts to hear their reaction at times. There is no cure to my condition but I’m trying my best to be comfortable in it :’)
Doesn’t help when people just think it’s my fault that my skin is this way :( “EW” / “Disgusting”


Date: 2 Dec 2019, 2.38pm
“My ever-changing constellations. They used to be just stains and marks, unwanted. But now they are a part of me. They come and go, I say hello to them and farewell when they fade away.”

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