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AMY WOO WAI CHI (b. 1970)


Every Wednesday at 2pm, Amy Woo can be found in Eunos, at Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities, teaching a ceramics class to students with intellectual disabilities aged between 18 to 50. On weekends, she might be found educating Singaporeans about rabbits, or raising money for them by conducting ceramics workshops. She usually ends up adopting abandoned bunnies as her own, including Winter, a 16-year-old who has exceeded the usual life expectancy of rabbits. Occasionally, she teaches yoga.

Animal rights are important to Amy. At home she also has three cats, all rescues. She is a long-time volunteer with two rabbit organisations, House Rabbits Society Singapore and Bunny Wonderland, though in the past two years she has been busy tending to her bunnies, two of whom were paralysed and have since passed.

Originally from Hong Kong, Amy moved to Singapore 19 years ago with her husband. She had always loved yoga and pottery, but it had been unthinkable to do either as a career back in Hong Kong. Instead, she worked in various jobs such as finance.

“In my early years in Singapore, I used to go to a lot of fairs and markets. There were so many young people who would go and sell their art, their crafts, and were so passionate. I thought ‘wow, that’s really nice’. In Hong Kong there are not so many choices. You don’t even have a space for yourself. It was very sad,” says Amy, who is now a Singapore citizen.

“I am just a small potter, doing small things,” she says. “I don’t plan so much of what I’m doing. I just do the things that I am able to do.”

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